Rock For Socks

We take so much for granted every day that thousands – even millions – of others do not enjoy.
Clean water to drink and cook with. Plenty of food. A roof over our head. The ability to bathe
daily. Clean, dry clothes. Including clean socks.
Now try to imagine being homeless and living on the streets. No comfy bed. No daily shower.
No clean socks.
Such a simple thing as clean socks can make such a big difference in how you feel. Ever been
on a camping trip and had to wear the same socks for a couple of days in a row? Now try to
imagine going a lot longer than that without clean socks to wear.
Oakland-based music artist Shirlee Temper (Robertson) aka “The Queen of Rock & Flow”
recently had an idea on how to help the homeless in her area.
“So one day I was on the road at a stoplight thinking like most of us do, while waiting for the light
to turn green. It occurred to me just how much colder it is getting, mostly because I was wearing
the wrong shoes for the weather and my feet were cold. I started remembering how many
people I had seen lately that looked in need and how their feet must be freezing! Around the
same time an opportunity arose for a show and I thought what a wonderful platform to do
something to help people with the things that the rest of us might take for granted. I know it's
small, but sometimes it's the little things that bring comfort and hope to us when we feel like our
well of strength is low.”
Promoter Michael Beard will deliver the socks to St. Vincent DePaul and they will distribute
them to the homeless. If you can, PLEASE go see Shirlee’s FREE show (that all by itself is a
killer deal… Shirlee and her band crush it every time!) and bring one (why not several
packages?) of new socks. Remember, these people weren’t always homeless, and it could
happen to any of us. As a friend once said, “We are all just one paycheck away from living on
the street when you think about it.” Give the gift of compassion to the less fortunate. Give the
gift of socks. And enjoy some great, uplifting music in return.

Friday, November 18
The Broken Spoke
370 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA
If possible, please bring a NEW pair of socks to be donated to those in need. (Better still, bring a
package of new socks. After all, it’s just a couple of beers)
21 and Over. Doors at 8pm..

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