Floating Garden

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in this world! They grow in various climates and in many different patterns and colors. I thought, like most people, that flowers grow only from the ground up… but once I stumbled Related imageupon images of the Japanese floating garden, I realized flowers are even more amazing!

The floating garden in Japan, was only on display through May of 2015. If had the opportunity to see this exhibit at the The National Museum of Emerging Science, you were among the very fortunate!

The phenomenal Team Lab created this exhibit.. Here’s how they described it.

“The digital domain allows individual and independent elements of an artwork to connect and behave as a group. Elements are able to move freely within the group and change position. When the elements are connected within a spatial network, they form a unified artwork—a physical space that can be entered by the viewer.” https://www.team-lab.net/concept/transcends-baundarie

The floating garden was filled with living flowers that floated up or down depending on the movement of the person or people in the space. As you approached the flowers, they would rise upwards all at once to create a dome styled space with the person in the center. According to TeamLab there were over 2,300 floating flowers in the space. These flowers also were partnered with an insect which caused the flowers fragrance to become stronger at the time insect was most active. This created a strong flower scent all through the day.

Japan is known for it’s amazing Zen gardens and these gardens have history behind them. The Japanese believe that Zen gardens are a place for Zen priests to train and become one with nature. There is a story that is part of a Zen priests theological training, titled, “Nansen’s Flower”, in the story, the character ‘Nansen, points to a flower and says, “People of these days see this flower as if they were in a dream.”

“A person will become integrated with a flower when they at the flower the flower looks at them, possibly at this time the person will truly see the flower for the first time.”  – teamlab

Check out more of teamlab’s work and amazing exhibitions regardless of your location! Search here for displays near you. https://www.team-lab.net/exhibitions/?pickup=1&type=nowopen


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