Unique Locations!

Looking for somewhere unique to go?! We found some great, unique places, you may want to visit!!

Image result for mazzariello labyrinthMAZZARIELLO LABYRINTH – Oakland HIlls, California
This spiral is settled in an old quarry. It is located in the sibley volcanic reserve between the Oakland Hills and Orinda. This labyrinth is lined with volcanic rock and seems to hold endless possibilities for a good time!

CAMDENTON, MISSOURI. European castle ruins on American soil! These ruins are the result of grief from death. The owner Robert Snyder had a dream to build a castle on American land and he fulfilled that dream. Snyder, however was killed in the first vehicle accident in Missouri. His son continued to build until the castle caught fire! With such history and craftsmanship, this should be an amazing day trip if you are in the Camdenton, Missouri area.

Image result for GRAND PRISMATIC SPRINGGRAND PRISMATIC SPRING – YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING. This natural hot spring is the largest in the United States and one of the three largest hot springs on the planet.Grand Prismatic Spring is roughly 300 feet in diameter with water at a blistering-hot 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This beautiful natural attraction in Yellowstone is known – and named – for its dazzling array of colors that change throughout the seasons. No matter when you visit, the center of the pool sparkles in a deep azure blue, adding a dramatic contrast to the colors of the outer edges. http://www.visityellowstonepark.com/grand-prismatic-spring.aspx

SHANGRI LA – HONOLULU, HAWAIIDoris Duke, a philanthropist, who created Islamic art. Shangri La was her home in Hawaii. Today you can take tours through Shangri La and view all of her art. Shangri La is now run by the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Image result for the museum of the weirdTHE MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD – AUSTIN, TEXAS This museum continues in the style of a dime museum. Here you can find two headed animals, FeeJee Mermaids, Strange Cabinets and much more! Great for a fun Valentine’s Day Date! http://www.museumoftheweird.com/news/


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