Semi Suite Life

A few of the DV crew members had an opportunity to chat via phone with Christina & James. Christina is the creator of the blog, ‘Semi Suite Life’. This fun loving couple, travel the U.S. in a semi truck! James is an over the road truck driver.

This pair moved in together and settled into the Sacramento, CA area and then married in 2010. About 10 months ago, Christina didn’t like the time away from her husband, so she made a huge life changing decision…. Christina joined her husband in the truck! They now live on board the truck and travel daily together.  Christina was an assistant director at a pre-school and had been with her job for quite some time. While she knew should miss her job, she definitely knew she missed her husband even more.

Day to day tasks have their challenges on the truck, but  over all the daily adventures outweigh anything negative. Cooking on board the truck can be tough, but Christina manages to prep their meals in a 10 x 10 space, while James loves to bbq! BBQ on the open road in different locations, sounds simply amazing! Christina loves to make Couscous, with lots of blends of spices and James loves to cook! Overall, eating and prepping meals is a lot more fun than being in a normal kitchen!

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and natureEntertainment for this couple, is quite simple… besides viewing the breathtaking scenery in some locations, they visit some of the casinos once in awhile just to try their luck and enjoying watching Hulu online! Wow! What a life… to lay back and relax with very little to worry about. Literally great vibez daily!!

Obviously, we wondered how Christina keeps herself and hubby looking fabulous and feeling fresh.. there are showers at nearly every truck stop and she plugs her flat iron into a power source in the truck! Little compact mirrors and some minor beauty products and, VOILA, she’s a beauty every day! At times, Christina takes a needle and thread to mend her hubby’s clothes… just to keep him handsome at all times!

This couple has literally traveled from coast to coast in the U.S., but holidays do prove to be a challenge. This year they will come to their home town location and spend about 4 days visiting with any family who’s available. The DV crew agrees family is important, but to travel the country with the person you love, is an experience most of us will never have… truly a great experience!

Christina indicated one of her favorite locations was Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. We can only imagine the beauty of this site and it’s scenery! While Christina and James are enjoying this amazing experience, they have discussed a cut off point… Maybe one day they will settle and stay in spot. In the meantime, they are truly enjoying seeing our beautiful, free country.

Follow, Semi Suite Life on Facebook and read her blog. There are so many wonderful photos and fun stories! Oh! I forgot to mention, Christina is a writer!!! At times, she uses the beautiful scenery and great locations to write great stories! Life and share their facebook  and read the blog!


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