Heaven’s Hero : A true story

Today, I spoke with Abbie Guerrero about her newly published book, Heaven’s Hero: A True Story. Abbie is the oldest of 4 children and since there is a significant gap in age between her and her siblings, she becomes somewhat of a role model to her younger siblings. Tragedy struck Abbie and her family, when the Life flight medical helicopter her father was on crashed. Mario Wyatt Guerrero was a fire fighter and paramedic, working with the Provo Fire Department, Lone Peak Fire Department and Life Flight. Abbie’s biggest concern was that her siblings wouldn’t remember their father and the great sacrifices he made for their community. This is when she decided to chronicle his life in biography. Since her siblings were only five and three, Abbie made sure to collect as many memories and create this great book.

The book is full of emotions and has the ability to bring one to tears. (Yes, I cried, only a little lol), as well as lots of feel good moments!  Abbie is now working on a second book about her father. A collection of stories from his lifetime. This will make a perfect sequel to Heaven’s Hero. She’s also working on a book about anxiety. Abbie has a lot of support from her family and friends and the crew at DailyVibez.com looks forward to reading more of her work and hope you all enjoy as much as we did!

    To pick up your own copy of Heaven’s Hero : A True Story, visit the following links.


Barnes & Noble Paperback: http://bit.ly/1IKmMUJ

Barnes & Noble Nook: http://bit.ly/1R1ZAm9

Amazon Kindle Edition: http://amzn.to/1HtsKJl

Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/1cOeSfk


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