Where is: Jayme Closs

I would be shocked if you hadn’t heard of Jayme Closs. Currently she’s missing and her parents have been murdered. 

The 13 year old has been missing since October 15th, 2018, with very little clues to her current whereabouts. 

Multiple Facebook groups, her very own subreddit and many other online crime forums have spent countless hours discussing the time line and case, but still there are no major breaks in this case. 

What we know :

On the night of October 15th, 2018, a 911  all was received from the Closs home. The 911 dispatcher did not speak to anyone on the line, but heard yelling and loud disturbances in the background. 

When police arrived, the found James Closs, Jayme’s father dead by the front door. It was obvious the front door had been kicked in and it appeared James Closs was shot as he answered a knock at the door.

Denise Closs, Jayme’s mother, was found shot and dead in the bathroom of the home. Jayme was no where to be found. The family dog was in the home unharmed and police found no guns Related imagewhen searching the home. Anything  found as evidence has not been discussed by authorities. 

As a matter of fact, police aren’t saying much of anything regarding the case. Even the 911 call is being kept secret, no one actually knows the details of the 911 call. 

All family members phones were found in the home and according to authorities, there are no clues to lead them any closer. 18 days after Jayme’s disappearance, the sheriff announced that tips were decreasing and they were no closer to finding Jayme. 

If you have any information or clues, contact 1-855-744-3879

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