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Today I had the opportunity to speak with Diana S. Rice, Actress/Model/Producer/Writer. I literally couldn’t wait to interview her! Though it was only on the phone, her vibrancy radiated through the phone, and no it wasn’t cell phone waves! When visiting her face book page, I noticed she has written,Aspiring to inspire as an actress/model/producer/writer/spokesperson’, After reading that line, I knew she was perfect to share with our daily vibez fans! https://www.facebook.com/dianasrice71 Aspiring to inspire others no matter what your craft is… it is simply the key to life. 😉

Diana has so many accomplishments and creative journeys to share… but the most important of her accomplishments would be her family. She has obtained a Masters Degree in mental health and spent numerous years as a mental health counselor as well as a teacher. Diana’s latest creative endeavor is Rahab Productions. A production company she created with a great friend, Alicia.  Alicia, who is the creative director/CEO of Rahab Productions, writes and sings music as ‘AiA’. And just so all our readers know…. yes, I listened to AiA… I had to give it a listen and well.. I wrote this whole story while listening to every one of the tracks set on repeat! https://soundcloud.com/aia-3 Check out AiA! Very appealing to the ears :)Diana explained that she met Alicia while working with another production company and worked on a few productions to test their compatibility. We are so glad these two ladies were compatible as they now bring us Rahab Productions.

Together these ladies create artistic, edgy, faith based and inspired productions!


Amoranza is Rahab Productions very first production. This movie is a Spiritual Poetic Journey through a Love Addict’s Heart. It follows one woman’s struggles as she shares her journey through clinical facts, art, poetry, music and love. This Christian docudrama its scheduled to be released in 2016. If you visit the face book page for the movie Amoranza, be sure to check out the poem art and character album. The art is incredibly unique!

It was absolutely a treat to learn about this creative duo and speak with Diana! Look forward to writing more about upcoming Rahab Productions. Be sure to visit Rahab Productions on Facebook, instagram,Youtube and sound cloud. 





      https://instagram.com/rahabproductions/           https://www.pinterest.com/rahabproduction/


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