Meet Swayde Wilson

At, we love following celebrities and rising stars, lately…. I’ve found myself following and stalking none other than Swayde Wilson! Why you ask? Because he’s absolutely hilarious, talented and guaranteed to make you smile!

     On any given day, you may catch Swayde in a Facebook Live, showing off his cooking skills or working out at the gym. With his down to earth personality he can quickly capture an audience! Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Swayde in a pretty candid phone call… probably the best time i’ve had on a work phone call!

Though, it appears he was born for the spotlight, Swayde revealed that he dreamed of being a football player or even a Doctor when living in Venice, California with his mother. While in California he was able to play football for a short time, but those days were cut short when he moved back to Detroit.   Swayde was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (The Motor City), but eventually moved to Venice, California with his mother. He began his singing career at the very young age of 10. At age 11, his father Harold Wilson Jr., began putting Swayde on stage to sing and dance professionally! Harold Wilson ran In Step Productions at that time and was Swayde’s Superman!

   Many believed his music career wouldn’t go far as it’s a difficult industry, but with perseverance, determination and strong support from his family, Swayde has two successful albums, “The Art of Sound”, & “Just the Way I Am”. You can find both albums on iTunes or – both are excellent listens.

    Moving forward as an actor, Swayde had the opportunity to be an extra in the Jamie Foxx film, ‘The Kingdom’ and rapidly moved forward starring, directing and producing in

various films, such as, ‘Dead Man’s Chair’ and ‘Controlled Minds’.

If you think Swayde is busy singing, acting and producing…. Just wait, because he’s launching a U.S. Comedy Tour! Motown Comedy Blast will feature Swayde and a few super talented comedians, such as RedBone, Richard Pryor Jr., Jill Kimmel, and Rodney Hood! Swayde jumped into the comedy arena at the suggestion of many friends. He promoted many comedy shows and while in attendance at the shows, many felt he was an excellent comedian and should pursue comedy. Like I said, he can put a smile on your face!

     Swayde feels blessed to have such success in his career, but knows he couldn’t do it alone… His biggest inspirations are his mom, Marie Jackson, Grandmother, Francis Price, Auntie Yolanda Robinson, his Super Man/Father Harold Wilson Jr., Dorris Wilson, Uncle Bob, Ron Monti, Mario Wilson, Don’t tell Lattimore, Jay Turin mix.

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