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Recently, we caught up with actress/director Anne Nichols Brown. We had a fun chat and learned a lot about her and her love of acting!

Thanks, Anne!!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupDV: How did you get started in acting? And how old were you?

Anne: When I was six years old, I did a theatre workshop at Strauss Theatre, the community theatre in Monroe, Louisiana, where I grew up. I instantly fell in love! I continued to act as I grew up and took a small break in high school to focus on dancing. When I graduated, I decided to shift my focus to acting because that’s where my heart is.

That’s when I started training at LA Prep Actor Lab in Shreveport Louisiana. There I was taught about the business of acting as well as how to be “real” as opposed to over-acting. They conditioned me to be prepared for anything this industry can throw at me.

It was at Lab where I met my fabulous agency, Landrum Arts LA. I discovered that they owned LA Prep Actors Lab and started these training sessions at the request of the Louisiana Film Commission.  

I’m so glad they agreed to help locals learn the industry because this is how I found them.

I learned they only take experienced quality trained actors so I trained for nearly a year before I was ready to approach them.  Finally I was ready and earnestly asked if they would accept me. They took me in with open arms.

These people…they give so much of their time and energy to make dreams come true, not just for me, but for the entire Landrum Arts family.

DV: What are your favorite roles to be cast in ?

Anne : What are my favorite roles? Well,I love to take on roles that are a challenge for me; something out of the norm. Acting is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to test your skills in respect to emotion, dialect, actions and push them to the limit.

DV: How do you prep for your roles?

Anne: I continue my training at LA Prep Actors Lab which I am now in Advanced Lab. In preparation for specific roles, leading up to it, I typically do some background research on the show, script, other actors, etc. (my agent taught me well how to be ready) I take time to develop my character and fully try to understand the part I’m playing. On the day of filming, I like to get in the mindset of my character and focus on her situation in order to play the part as realistically as possible.

DV: What movies/tv/commercials, etc can your fans see you ?

Anne : I’ll be in GeoStorm, coming out in 2017. My biggest role is, of course, the role of Ellie on NCIS New Orleans. Speaking of NCIS, Landrum Arts LA landed me this role! I received the audition from my agent, Dawn Landrum. I booked the role that will hopefully jump start my career. It was an absolute HONOR to be a part of that episode!!

DV: What are you up to now?

Anne: I’ve been working locally with the Louisiana Short Film Festival /LA Film Prize and I’ve worked on a few sets through that!! How does acting make me feel? The feeling I get when I am able to act is like..ok, you know that feeling you get when you’ve been craving food a reaaallllyyyy long time? And then you FINALLY get to take a bite?…Yeah..that’s the feeling I get the second I hear, “action!”

More about me:

I’m currently a junior at Louisiana Tech University majoring in communications with a concentration in theatre and I am a member Sigma Kappa Sorority. I danced with Linda Lavender School of Dance and Twin City Ballet and am thankful for my background in dance, which surprisingly comes in handy more time than not in the acting industry! Dance gave me the confidence and had a big part on the person I am today! WOO!!

“Thank you” honestly doesn’t give my gratitude justice, but I MUST thank:Cathy Webb with Strauss Theatre, Gretchen Jones with Linda Lavender, Dawn,George and AmberDawn Landrum of Landrum Arts LA and LA Prep Actors Lab  ,Jamie Norwood another great director of LA Prep Actors Lab, my closest friends and family, but above all…my mom and dad, Archie and Lucy Brown. These people believe in me, support me, and continue to push me closer and closer to my dreams!!

“No one can lay a hand on our dreams”

-E.V. Lucas

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